Gas PricesYes, it hurts to have gas and it hurts not to have gas. Gas pains suck. The pains in the wallet were inevitable, though.

We have a President who likes war (in the Middle East, as if they don’t fight amongst themselves enough), another idiot leader who babbles on about his country, Iran, which wouldn’t amount to a hill of waste if the oil stops, OPEC and the so-called leader of Venezuela, Chavez. He acts more like a child than a man.

So we have monkeys and children running the world. Yep, it’s our fault. We voted for them, and we should be ashamed. Now it’s biting us in the ass. It would have anyway, as the non-renewable fuels are depleted. So now it’s time to start thinking – if you can’t play well with others, than play by yourself. It’s time we get back to being self-reliant on our energy needs and drop other countries like a bad habit. Iran’s leader is spouting to the world that current oil prices are long overdue. So is the fact that, if we work at it, they can keep their freaking crude.