United 93I know I’ll burn for this, but I was reading an article about a senator from N.C., Charles Taylor, who wants to block the ressurection of the flight 93 memorial, though many have tried to sway him. My first reaction was “What is this guy somking?”Unfortunately logic also kicked in, and I tend to agree, although I want to see it built. Here we have heros that will never be forgotten for what they did and the lives they saved. The act was selfless and noble, and we could all only hope we had the same courage. At the same time I have been to the current memorial site, and it’s not exactly a tourist attraction, though I never expected to see so many people there from all over the world. Reading the signature book was rather amazing.

The question is: in years down the road how many people will visit it? Will it stand as a lone tribute that remains derelict, isloated and unvisited? We would hope not, but it’s a good possibility. By comparison the USS Arizona memorial receives many tourists, but that’s because it’s in a tourist hotspot.

The promise has been made. The memorial should go forward. Let’s hope it is remembered and loved, otherwise the result will be heartbreaking. Someday perhaps the majority, rather than the minority, of our lawmakers will try to look ahead before making decisions.