The National Anthem, like so many other things, is something we take for granted. We all heard it (and hopefully sang it) as kids, and it’s played before sporting events. It’s been sung by rock stars and people who can’t sing – in front of many spectators, only to get booed. It’s part of our heritage and identity.

Now Latin-American immigrants are translating and modifying it.

Translation into Spanish is fine with me. It gives people a way to identify with the U.S. if they are planning on traveling here with the intent of citizenship. But, once here, realize that the laws of the land must be followed and English spoken, or go home.

But DO NOT modify our anthem. If you are not a citizen then make up your own anthem, but do not expect the current citizens to take you serioulsy when you modify ours.

If you want to come here – learn the Pledge, learn the Anthem and know what they mean, in English, preferrably.