Destruction of EmpiresThe Middle East is known for many things, but currently two stand out: Centuries of bloddy battles and the fall of empires. The two seem to go quite well together, as war after bloody war drains populations, economies and livelihoods.

History has shown that, while the rest of the world attempts to become civilized, the Middle East (as well as Africa now) continues to live in contempt with their nieghbors and the world. These very nations have also wrought havoc on nations that have become involved in their disputes, including the Soviet Union. Think of the desserts as quicksand, pulling those who enter in, eventually to their demise.

Now the western empire is in the quicksand. It’s not just the U.S., though President Bush is the major pushing force. The world that has pushed and created the civilized world is now battling the very region that has bathed its own children in blood since documented history. How is cancer treated? Generally adding to the cancer is not an option. In this case it tends to be contagious.