Have you ever wondered if today’s politicians are truly passionate about serving the people? If you have then you’re not alone. Congress is about to enter it’s 5 week recess, to get ready for re-elections or take some much needed time of from getting nothing useful done.

Let’s face it – sometimes the most powerful changes are those that are the most subtle. Yet the branches of our legal system seem to be moving with tradition; get as much done as possible, no matter how useless – and don’t think too far down the road. Or get nothing done. Nothing of positive value has been brought forward for quite sometime.

In the end I wish I could say your vote would count, but it may or may not. Keep in mind that because of the many worthless laws (although there were valid reasons for the electoral college a long time ago), your vote’s value has the possibility of being diminished. Look at it here. Want an independant to be President? Don’t count on it…

Basically it boils down to the fact that we need to better study our candidates, rather than just voting for a party. It shouldn’t matter how much gets done, but each item, one at a time. If it can’t be done, fine, but how will it affect us now and in the future.