Why do people go to prison? Is it to pay their dues to society, or so society can make their wishlist a reality?

Maybe it’s time the general public made themselves aware of what is going on. When someone goes to jail they are provided meals, a place to sleep, excercise, medical treatment and, often, cable TV. Inmates get better treatment than many americans that have comitted no crimes.

These prisoners – many of them – are also demanding (read: using our tax dollars in their court cases) for other things, such as a sex change. I pay enough money for them to live. There is no reason that I, as a taxpayer, should have to pay for them to get tied up in legal issues that are unrelated to the reasons why they are serving their sentence, let alone for ‘extra benifits.’ If they can’t pay for it on their own, they don’t need it.

Any doctor who states that such an unnecessary procedure is required for the mental health of the patient is a quack, and not worth my taxpayer dollars any more than the inmate.