United NationsWhen the U.N. was first conceived at the end of WWII, it is evident that the world needed something to bind it. But what about now?

For those who have been paying attention, they see all of the politics invloved. The Secretary General has little weight, other than to condemn a country for its acts, and that depends entirely on the country.

The Security Council is a biased entity – each country serving its own interests, whether or not it is good for the rest of the world. Of which Europe seems to be the least biased, while the super powers, former super powers and rising stars are the most self-serving.

If a baseline cannot be set that all countries can adhere to, than the U.N. serves no purpose, other than to give global politicians a place to argue amonst themselves, all while one country or another is exploited.

Get the problem fixed, or be done with it.