I recently made a sale through Paypal, and I’m regretting every bit of it! I made the sale and shipped the merchandise. Two months later I get a chargeback!!

Normally I don’t keep much money in my Paypal account, maybe 100 dollars or less. I thought it was a nice place to store my personal funds that I could chunk out here or there. Then I sold an item for about $2,000… Well the money evaporated pretty quickly, so when the chargeback was issued my account hit -$2,000.

Now, I thought – since I had legitimately sold and shipped a product – that all would be fine. To date: it’s not. It would seem that little has been done about this matter, on Paypal’s part. And as I research it, it would seem many have lost money or been sent to collections due to the very same type of scam. Think I’m full of it? Look here.

So a word of warning – be careful what you sell and who you to with Paypal. Don’t sell items of significant value outside your native country, and make sure you sell valuable items only to verified Paypal customers, and only to their addresses, with tracking.

Sometimes even that won’t help you. To be updated, pending changes…