Why is President Bush disregarding our history? It’s not okay to leave people without any hope of a trial, no matter who they are. It’s not okay to torture. It’s not okay to do your own will, and turn your nose at those who elected you into office and pay your salary!

People – this is politics today. It’s really not getting better. There are only a few select people who I would vote back into office (Sue Landske), while the rest can be thrown out with the bath water.

Does your opinion count? Do you want it to? There are ways of making it happen. Start by voting the person that best represents your views. Talk to your legislators. If they don’t talk back, at least once in a while, are they worth voting for? Does the person need to be a Republican or Democrat?

When important topics come up, are we, the people, notified, or do they go by, unnoticed, until the beasts of Capitol Hill vote in their favor? If we can file our taxes online, why can’t we vote for important topics the same way? Why can’t we, collectively, make our voices heard?

The American political system is a tragedy. Is it all the fault of the president? Not really. Who gave him the authority. We voted him in, and frequently sit in silence. And then there’s the representatives that do not question him, or themselves, often enough…