Is is Christmas season again? And with the season comes the silly dreams that children have of new toys, while parents have their hopes crushed of making their kids popular with the most sought-after toys.

The little thing called hype. So many parents get caught up in it. I’m just as guilty, though I don’t do it anymore. If they want it bad enough, the little tikes can get it with a gift card, after christmas.

Black Friday can bring out the worst in people, who give themselves a headache just to get the best deals. Sometimes you have to wonder if it’s worth the stress. At least the new gaming consoles don’t go on sale then. The voilence would be through the roof, as if it weren’t bad enough.

So, on Christmas Eve, while kids are dreaming of when mom and dad will recover from that fist fight that landed them a black eye and a night in jail, and just hoping that what comes down the chimney isn’t Santa’s form of saying ‘This is for your parents,’ all while smelling up the house while he warms his butt cheeks and reads the paper, I will wonder what happened to the spirit of Christmas. It seems to have lost its magic.