For some time now the RIAA and MIAA have been doing their best to stop people from downloading licensed content, but with limited success. The RIAA has even went as far as filing lawsuits against the very audience it seeks to sell its product to.

Most of us realize that downloading software, music and movies amounts to piracy, or theft. Many do not realize the penalties of doing so.

Even more, the RIAA was the first to demonstrate that not too many organizations know how to take a proactive approach to diminish the activity that is costing them dearly. The MIAA, on the other hand, has taken steps in the right direction. They have set up a system called Movielink, where people can download movies legally. Sure, they pay a fee, but it’s easy to find and legal – less hassles. In time, with this idea, they will prosper, where others have failed.

Sometimes it’s hard to embrace something that can destroy you. Sun-tzu said it best – ‘Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.’