Is Bush really that mixed up? Or maybe he is pretty certain he will get his way, no matter what he does.

The ‘Commander and Chief’ will give his State of the Union address tomorrow, while the majority of Americans and the world will only listen half-heartedly. The president has yet to put aside his bull-headed manors in order to be effective with the mess he has put us into.

We hear him talk of ‘troop surge’, yet we fail to hear him talk of providing the troops with the necessary funds-per-soldier. These guys are putting their lives on the line daily with sub-standard equipment. Is this the best that the U.S. military can do? Spending for an increase in troops means that many more of our men and women will be dropped into a dangerous situation with insufficient equipment.

I would much rather my tax dollars focus on bringing our people home alive, and soon. It’s time to shred the wrong agenda.