I listened to the State of the Union address last night, and I agree with Mr. Bush only on the energy issue. Of course, it took a lot for him to discuss it.

But with the other topics that were addressed, I think it’s time Bush – and every other politician – live the life in mid-America for a while. CIPA and health insurance is a joke, and most people are distrustful of anything said about Iraq.

What does CIPA do? It forces states to keep students in classes and passing in order for them to get funds. Let’s face it: some kids don’t want to learn. The schools, teachers and other students are then being penalized by keeping these individuals in class. CIPA needs to go away.

And we’re going to what with health insurance? Forgive me, I have to recompose myself from laughter. You’re going to make me get insurance on my own in order to make it take deductible, because of it comes from my employer it’s taxable? But it will still cost me about the same… And I still can’t afford it…

Someone forgot to put on their thinking cap.