The state of Texas is mandating by law that teen and pre-teen girls receive Gardasil, a series of shots provided by Merck. It is used as a preventative measure against cervical cancer.

This, in my opinion, should be left entirely up to the parents and the child. As a parent, I believe that it will be up to my child. As an individual, I also believe that we are over-using medications, and that the reason for this has everything to do with the pharmaceutical pushing the medications for profit.

The case with Gardasil is a very good example of the profitability of a medication. Merck, with this medication, stands to make billions of dollars, while so many families suffer from lack of insurance. And the long-term effects are truly unknown, as with so many new medications.

Perhaps I would change my mind if there were an epidemic, or if there were cases of such cancer in my family. The fact of the matter is that neither is the case. No drug company should be pushing their product, let alone line the pockets of politicians to get those in power to push these meds.