Mr. President, you are now proclaiming that Iran is supplying Iraqi militants with weapons to be used against Iraqis and Americans. You are beefing up the armed forces in the area. In the process you are helping to increase the national debt and taking money away from programs that can better funded here in the states.

With this further military build-up, based on intelligence that has yet to be put on record to the citizens of the United States, it has the uncanny resemblance of what took place back in 2003, before the invasion of Iraq, which we are still involved in, as well as Afganistan. Yet you manage to try to put the blame on others for the lack of cedible intel, and you still squander what goodwill the international community has extended to us, mudding up our good name. As you have stated, you are the Commander in Chief, and the responsibility to verify any information rests on your sholders when it comes to such decisions that will cost so many lives.

So, Mr. President, it’s time you let the people decide for themselves whether we believe your intelligence, and whether it is worthy of smearing us further. In other words, before bringing us into a third conflict prove that there is a legitimate reason for more spilled blood.