Location: Louisville, KY

Waiverly HillsOrigins:
Waverly Hills orginated as a treament center for tuberculosis – a disease from which many perished in a time before antibiotics. Due to the fact that is was very contagious, staff lived on the premisis. A long tunnel was built that went down to the boiler facility, where people could walk up during winter weather and stay warm. It delivered steam heat to the hospital. The bodies of the dead were also transported down the tunnel, giving the nick-name ‘the Death Tunnel’ or ‘Body Chute’.

A Little More History:
Originally established to help treat tuberculosis, the disease had been erradicated by the 1950s, which brought little need for use of the facility for which it was originally designed. The building, with it’s saddening history, laid dormant until years later, where it was purchased for use to house mentally ill patients. It had been used for this purpose until the 1980s, when it was closed again, possibly for the last time.

The look of the building, itself, is frightening enough, with its bat-like shape. It was purchased with the intent of demolition, but due to its historic value it still stands. It is now available for tours, for a price.

Room 502 :
Probably the most well-known spot of this facility is room 502. According to the story, a nurse who worked in this room had jumped off of a ledge or balcony, falling several stories to her death. It has been reported that activity takes place in this room – cold spots, reactions from electronic equipment, etc..

Waverly Hills has been observed by serveral paranormal groups, with some sites and stories listed here. Their stories will not be duplicated, so that they can tell it the way they experienced it. The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society and TAPS (Ghost Hunters)

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