Location: Evansville, IN

Evensville Willard LibraryOrigins:
The library has been in service for over a century, and reporting ghostly phenomenon for much of its history. According tolegend the first reported sighting was by a custodial staff member in 1937. Since then the entity has drawn as many people looking to check out more than just a book.

The Lady in Grey:
Who is she? Many reports pay tribute to the psychic by the name of Mrs. Warren as the person to identify that the entity, named the ‘Lady in Grey’, is a spirit that belonged to the land, before the land belonged to the library. Her identity is not known, but reports suggest that her clothing is that of the late 1800s.

Another popular theory that many subscribe to is that that ghost is that of Louise Carpenter, who believed her family is the rightful heir of the estate.

Typical encounters of the ‘Lady in Grey’ include sightings of a ghostly figure, books ‘flying’ offof the shelves and the smell of perfume.

Willard Library
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