Well, Imus has left the building, CBS, that is. Maybe.Al Sharpton Sharpton got what he was demanding, again. The man makes a lot of demands, to be sure. But what did he accomplish from all of this?

There are many people who would agree that Imus was over the line – myself being one of them. Those girls did nothing to warrant the verbal onslaught that they received. Then again, he did take the steps to apologize, and the team accepted his apology. So, at this point, has this gone too far? Perhaps, or maybe not. In either case, it’s a bit late.

For years many mainstream musicians have been belittling women and calling each other racial slurs. Where was Sharpton then? Why hasn’t anything been said until now? Now he draws a line on the kind of verbal abuse that is taking place, but make no mistake – it is out of the criticism that he has received from so many. So Sharpton is finding himself in a very similar situation that he put Imus in, leaving the Reverend, himself, with very little credibility.

Cancer is not very different from this circus that begun. The disease has been running rampant for some time now. If Al Sharpton is the doctor, well it has been diagnosed late and the patient’s chances have been reduced. Had this been treated sooner the outcome might be brighter. Let’s just be thankful that the man practices radio!