Virginia Tech Campus ShootingOnce again, a cowardly act of one single individual strikes at the heart of our communities, causing greif, stirring up the media and bringing back the age-old gun debate.

First – it’s harsh, even more so for any family who just lost a child, but the gunman is a coward. Who takes guns into a location that is largely undefended? This is someone who felt he had nothing to lose, and could fight now other way. Then he kills himself to avoid the repercussions. Now define coward…

And the media attention to this tragedy was appauling. I have seen CNN news anchors putting words in the mouths of the students, leading many to leave, or consider leaving school. On top of that they are immortalizing the gunman, as well as glamourizing the shooting incident. Sometimes there is news that should be taken with moderation… Like cocktail…

Before students consider leaving due to security, I realize they have not had to deal with the critical decision process, but what would anyone have done in the position of authority in this case? This will be investigated, and things will be found that were not handled correctly, but tell me who would have done things very differently?

And when we talk about gun control in this issue, very little will be resolved. This was done with two handguns, possibly stolen. No amount of gun control will stop this from happening. Advances in security or a monitoring of behaviour might help, but it seems as though this coward, the gunman, kept a low profile before this happened, so it’s unlikely that this would have been detected.

It’s time to stop, take a breath and clear our heads. Without doing this it won’t be possible to think logically.

My heart goes out to the students, faculty and parents of all of those involved. Remember that times like this can define courage and heroism.