I have always been strongly opposed to the war in Iraq, no question. But what can bring moral down almost as much as an improvised exposive device? How about the lack of support for what our troops are trying to do.

I have received and been forwarded emails from troops stationed in Hell, with some depicting the friends and the difference they have made there, others talking about how nothing they do makes anyones lives any better, and that they need to be brought home.

Look – whether you support Bush or the war, our troops need support. They need this until our governement finds a way to end the conflict. I understand the passion for the loss of her child, but the course she took to advocate the return of the armed forces is not too unlike that of Westboro, the group that calls themselves a church.

A note to Sheehan: Everything you gave, from your son to your marraige, was based on ideals. You son was lost to the ideals of a rabid dog that only a strong house or the next election can put down. Your marraige was lost to your own ideals that ran for so long and left you with a bitter taste and the assumption that we don’t care. You’re wrong. Some of us just go about it very differently.