Daily we hear about different species that have become extinct, and others that very possibly will become extinct. Polar bears are a prime example, as the area they live and thrive in diminishes. Make no mistake, the only location the polar bear will live, in the near future, will be in a local zoo, until they die out there.

But how about this: What we are actually looking at is the fate of our species. Humans have the largest population of any species on earth, save for insects and microbes. The Earth, however, has ways of correcting itself, just as our bodies will kill of harmful diseases.

The pollution we are putting onto this planet will destroy life for our children or grandchildren. Anyone who declares otherwise is obtuse. The Earth has entered a phase in which it is trying to correct itself. It will become hotter, drying up our crops, then it will enter into a new ice age. The damage is done. The question is, can we change it, or can we slow it? And what do we say to our children if we don’t try?

Do you want to try? Get on Google, and contact your state politicians.