If you’re here illegally then you’re probably not reading this, but I’ll write it anyway.

I don’t care if you’re taking a job that we won’t do. Why? Because the fact that you’re here illegally demonstrates that fact that while you’re here you do not bind yourselves by the same laws that we do, whether we like them or not.

If you want to be a citizen, do it legally. Don’t come here and punch out a kid or few and expect to stay. All you will do is mess up your kids’ lives. Many other have come here legally, and they pay taxes – like you should, rather than sponging off the backs of the citizens.

If you just want to work to send the money home, get a temporary work visa – and pay the same taxes we do. We pay taxes for where we work and live, and so should you.

We welcome those who enter legally, but don’t burden us with the need to add special teachers to teach you English, inflating our healthcare costs and judicial system because you can’t abise by the same laws as those who live and legally migrate here.