Alcohol for MinorsI remember hearing about the increase in the drinking age limit when I was a kid. It went from 18 to 21, and I never understood that. Whoever is going to drink heavily, a law will only hinder them, not stop them entirely.

Look at it this what we ask of those who turn 18:

  • They should go to college or get a job
  • They can fight and die for our country
  • They should vote

Basically an 18 year old can do everything, by law, that a adult is permitted to do. There are only a few stipulations attached to the age of 21, such as the right to drink and a divorced parent no longer needs to provide for you (state dependant).

While the statistics are murky, it’s hard to believe that deaths related to alcohol would change much, although binge drinking may decrease if some younger adults can be served from a bar, where there are typical limits.

If they are going to be treated adult enough to die for you, then treat them as adults. As all adults, those who make mistakes will pay for it, and those who are responsible will be able to decrease their exposure to those who are not.