Think about that… slushball… As the weather warms, the snowball effect becomes slushball, and the slushball effect is in full swing as the data about climate change pours in. And finally people are beginning to take notice.

How hard is it to believe that we can damage our planet, a fragile biosphere that has been evolving for millions of years? For some, such as Fred Thompson, who thinks the idea is ‘silly’, the whole thought escapes them. G.W. Bush only sought to ratify the APEC environmetal pact because he has to do something about his ratings at home.

Anyone who thinks it costs money to secure our childrens’ future – they’re right. Using a lack of action due to the economy excuse doesn’t cut it anymore. The Polar Bears and ice shelves are telling a story, and it’s about time the right people listened. The snowy regions of the world are becoming slush, and our children will pay the price.