The fact that you’re a student in college apparently is no indication that you have any sense of intelligence or the real world, as some students have displayed at the University of Florida.

This kid decided he would take more time than was granted to harass Sen. Kerry with nonsense questions. Example: ‘Why didn’t Kerry contest the 2004 election?’ Simple answer – Kerry did not win.

So, when this kid was escorted out of the lecture hall he thought he would be ‘cool’ and resist the police. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the police would tire of this and find another means – in this case it was a taser. Was getting shocked other students started screaming, as though this guy was some poor innocent that just got mugged. C’mon…

Some of these students are now going to hold a demonstration. To them I ask: If he had been harrassing someone at a bar and was hit with pepper spray, would you make a fuss?