AhmadinejadPresident Ahmadinejad,

We understand why you are wanting to speak to the American people. You want to tell us how wrong George Bush is on his Middle East policy, and most of us already agree. We also know that he is very bull-headed, and his lack of flexibility is troubling to us.

I mean, if he believed the haulocost never happened, you couldn’t make him believe it no matter how many history books you put in front of him. Or trying to make him tone down his retoric towards other countries in order to give peace a chance, even if he had to give some concessions – you know – find some middle ground.

Now we are in Iraq – because Bush said we needed to be there. He was insistent. How have you helped the situation so that the Americans can leave?

I admire the people of Iran, but it’s government needs some changes, just like ours. Until that happens, it’s doubtful we’ll ever find peace.

You and President Bush are far more alike than many realize.