AlienWe’ve all heard them – the stories that are just SO hard to believe, that someone made it up just for the attention!

Do I believe in aliens? Well, if they don’t exist, it would be a waste of space, right?

But for those that believe that aliens run our world, and are lizard men dressed and posing as humans… get a life. If they are that capable, why would they bother? If they’ve been here for thousands of years why wouldn’t they have the intelligence to introduce themselves to humans while man’s weapons were still sticks and stones? But the theory is that these carnivorous lizard people are in the most powerful government positions, and that people have seen them removing thier ‘people skins’.

And we, as humans, have a hard enough time claiming G.W. Bush as one of our own. Why would they want to have such an idiot in such a position?

I like paranormal theories as much as the next guy, but there is a reason that I haven’t yet put this stuff on my site.