So Mr. Andrew Meyers was asked by the Today Show why he did what he did, which was to ask John Kerry why he didn’t take office in 2004, and if Kerry was a member of ‘Skull and Bones’ in in college, with G.W., as well as why aren’t the democrats trying to impeach Bush for agression against Iraq and Afganistan.

First, Meyers, you DO remember 9/11/2001, right? The guys who brought foreign terrorism to our door step came from training camps in Afganistan. The Iraq war stemmed from a congress, led by Republicans at the time, who were too weak to stop it.

Kerry did not concede the election for President in 2004. He simply just did not win. The 2000 elections were questionable. The 2004 elections were not.

Skull and Bones? Someone has been watching too many movies.

Meyers, can we assume that you will be in school for a while? You have a lot to learn. And you did deserve to be tasered. It sure brought laughter from more than just John Stewart.