Consider the fact that we buy oil from Iran, Russia, Suadi Arabia and Venezuela – countries that, at least in part, don’t like westerners. Venezuela’s  Hugo Chavez, most definitely.

Yet here we are, watching our economy slide, and we’re lining their pockets. Yes – WE are. The U.S. currently consumes more oil than any other nation, and by purchasing it we support those that either publicly badmouth us, or have parties that do so. And with skyrocketing oil prices, we continue to buy it.

Iranian people are good people, but the governments (ours and theirs) antagonize each other. Russia, who has shown that they will cut off supplies to certain regions if they get upset with them, has demonstrated instability. Saudi Arabia’s government likes the U.S., but there are many powers within that would love to see the relationship sour. Venezuela is just going down the tubes, and it will become obvious in time.

With so many major players, and there are more than just these, why do we support this? Because we, the consumers, and our government will not do anything about it. Starting with mandatory energy conservation would be a great start. Bills to reduce and eliminate our dependance on foreign fuel would be the next logical step.

We must demand it, and the government must develop programs to support it. Alternative energy is starting to take root, but until we feel the pinch our politicians will always have their own agenda. It’s time we stop supporting other countries! Let’s start supporting ourselves!!