Let’s get this straight: During a Latin America meeting the Prime Minister of Spain is speeking. The ever obnoxious Hugo Chavez was talking, out of turn (I’m assuming this, as his microphone was turned off), about the fascist diplomat(s) from spain. Chavez is asked to try to be diplomatic, and when Chavez continued the king of Spain told him to ‘Shut up’.

Sounds fair to me, not unreasonable.

Now Chavez states that he was disrespected by the arrogant leaders of Spain? Now I was taught as a child not to interrupt others, and I certainly think that diplomacy allows all parties a chance to voice their opinions, which apparently wasn’t working so well at this meeting. So now, from my perspective, Chavez is either not a diplomat, or he never learned manners as a child, or both. Now he claims to hope that diplomacy was not damaged, but also states that it really does not matter.

This is just the latest demonstration from Hugo, who regularly expects the U.S. to invade Venezuela and is working to assume full dictatorship of the country as he squanders his oil money in trade for popularity.

Was King Juan Carlos wrong correct Chavez? Absolutely not! What would your mother have said?