The time is near where we will elect a new president, hopefully one that will listen to the people, rather than follow his own, sole agenda. The question then becomes what is important, and right now that is changing quickly. Inflation is causing our priorities to migrate rapidly, so what was important 6 months ago isn’t as much now.

The economy, while in a slump now, will get better, so will we regret not focusing on other issues when our next president is elected. Currently some of the biggest topics to most people are:

  • The Economy
  • The Iraq War
  • Health Insurance
  • Energy Independance
  • The Environment
  • Government Spending and Waste
  • Immigration
  • Liberty vs Security

These are just some of the issues, but our candidates need to have a planto deal with these.

In many cases Bush has put us into a situation of a need for repair, at home and globally. The person we choose to lead us and represent us must be able to undo what has been done and put us back on track to resolve our debts and make us self-sufficient, as well as improve our status with our allies and the world.