Isn't it time we take control from our politicians? Why do we pay them and their staff so much money when this is the digital age?

For those of us that are educated and interested in what happens in our lives and communities, we could help form decisions at the speed of light using our computers! Rather than our leaders making questionable decisions among themselves, or bending to the will of the lobbyist make a transparent electronic application to help taxpayers take ownership of the laws that are passed and the dollars that are spent. The same process could be used to eliminate the electoral college as well.

There are so many possibilities to help give some control back to the taxpayers! Having representatives is still helpful, and we still need people to help educate us in the decisions to be made, but just imagine if lobbyists had to pay all of the taxpayers rather than just a small group of people. It seems to me that we, the people, would have more influence over what happens with our money.

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