Here is a recent article about password security, since it seems there have been a lot of popular sites that have been hacked lately.

It is my recommendation, and my practice, that you have at least three strong passwords. The article explains strong passwords, so I won't go into it. At the very least you should consider a unique password for banking, one for email and one for everything else. Also consider the reputation of the site before you use one of your more common passwords with them, if that's how you roll.

In the end it is ideal to use a password tracker program, and have a unique password for each site, and then memorize the password for you email in case you need to have your password emailed to you. That doesn't work well if you can't get into your email!

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The worst passwords you could ever choose exposed by Yahoo Voices hack
Ninja? Princess? 123456?

Too many internet users are making poor decisions when choosing their passwords.

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