This is an interesting article about modern vehicle On Board Diagnostics (OBD) security. I never thought about the fact that this port opened up security issues, though it really isn't all that surprising.

What I do find rather surprising is that vehicle manufacturers have not come up with a way to secure the wireless connections. Perhaps they are concerned with the support aspect of it, but even the thought of forcing a vehicle owner to come up with a unique – let's call it a 'system pass code'. Something that requires at least 6 digits, and secures the OBD port and all wireless systems.

But hey, I'm not a car engineer – and I'm thankful for that. The fear of being lynched by anyone who tries to work on a car would drive me over the edge.

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Your BMW can be stolen by any idiot with a $30 hacking kit
The security holes in on-board diagnostics security systems are nothing new. But an easy-to-use kit, containing a reprogramming device and a blank key, is now available over the net, allowing even ……

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