Well, it would seem that Century Link made a bid to get into the high speed Internet market, offering DSL and apparently buying certain regions of customers, as they did with Embarq in our area.

Embarq was great, but Century Link – not so much. They seem to be having a problem proving the service that they are offering. Ping of 400+ ms, and download speeds if 0.5 Mbs, when they service paid is 3 Mbs. This is during peak times of course – every day…

So I posted part of my opinion so far on DSL Reports, and here. I will be calling them again tonight, then trying to figure out what to do about getting RELIABLE Internet service.

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CL Bad service for over a year – CenturyLink | DSLReports Forums
Forum discussion: I’ve had CenturyLink DSL for a few years. My brother (who lives next door) has had his for 1+ years. For over a year our latecy has been 400+, now our download (supposed to to be 3 M…

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