The Legend of El Chupacabra


What is it?

Chupacabra is a creature that cryptozoologists, paranormal researchers and UFO-logists all take interest in. Its background is unique. The word ‘chupacabra’ simply means ‘goat sucker’. This comes from the number of mutilated goats that were originally found in Puerto Rico.

Not unlike they ‘Grey’ alien sightings, the chupacabra sightings mostly seem similar. 3 to 5 feet tall, a spiney back, dark or glowing red eyes and limbs that all have three pointy fingers and toes are common descriptions. Some even suggest the capability of camoflauge, becoming dark at night and turning the colors of the environment during the day to remain elusive. Other witnesses also state that it may be able to fly and/or jump great heights.

Where does it come from?

What your general beliefs are will allow you to make your own conclusion here. According to some popular theories it is a creature of extraterrestrial origin. Some believe it is the ‘pet’ or ‘experiment’ of aliens. In many cases dead animals have been found shortly after strange sightings in the sky.

Others simply believe that the creature has been around for quite some time, possibly originating from the dinosaur era, and that it has gone relatively unnoticed until recently – until approximately 1975.

Then there are also theories stating that it is a genetic mutation, either natural or human created.

By and large the most unlikely of the explanations states that the creature is from another dimension or time, possibly future generations of humans returning with a warning about our future.

Where has it been sighted?

The vast majority of sightings place it in Peurto Rico, Central America, South America and the United States. It should be noted that the legend has been passed around the Latin American community, coinciding with locations where animals have been killed in mysterious ways.

The legend is recorded to have started in Peurto Rico, but many witnesses have come forth throught the Americas, from Brazil to Michigan. Many of these reports only involve the bloodless corpses of livestock and pets, which are then attributed to the possible presence of chupacabra.

There are far fewer reports of people actually witnessing the beast first hand. Those that do have startling tales to tell, many sounding like a cross between the Jersey Devil and an alien encounter. Many villages fear the chupcabra, as reports had come in regarding attacks on villages and livestock. Some villages have taken it upon themselves to locate and rid themselves of the elusive creature.

There have been very few governments willing to get involved with such hunts, and regard animal mutilation as the work of wild dogs.

Current Findings:

It is difficult to dismiss any unknown creature as mass hysteria or halucination. Certain comments would lead the logical mind to suggest that many points are not likely, or not possible at all.

Yet the tale of chupacabra holds many details that are not so easy to dismiss. The fact that all animals that were attacked had been drained of blood, and the wounds to do this were holes in a triangular pattern. In some cases one or more organs were missing, and others left the creature limp – without the onset of rigamotis.

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