The Spear of Destiny, or the spear belonging to Longinus, the Roman who speared Jesus Christ in the side when Christ was crucified, is of legendary value. It holds as much mystery as the Shroud of Turin and the Holy Grail (Sangreal), as powerful christian relics.

Current Location:

Hofsburg Treasure House, Vienna, Austria

The History:

Objects dating back to the time of Christ tends lends to question a level of authenticity. The shroud has been tested by scientists with no proof of it’s actual date. The grail, depending on whose account you choose to subscibe to, is either missing or located in one of several locations around the globe (or was it ever an object to begin with?).

The spear has been attributed to holding powers since the time that it was bathed in the holy blood, starting with the healing of the eyes of Longinus when blood spilled onto him from Christ’s wound. He, at that time, claimed that this was the son of God.

Since that time the spear has passed among many leaders. Legend has it that the one who holds is becomes invincible, and many rulers only lost wars or battles once they lost the artifact. The myths surrounding it hold that it matters not as to whether the holders intentions are good or sinister.

Adolph Hitler, the last leader to be in possession of the spear, was always intrigued by its mysticism. Upon rising to power he marched his army to Vienna, Austria to claim it for himself. He then had it transported by armored train to Nuremburg, where it was stored in a vault beneath St. Katerine’s church. The vault was discovered by Allied troops and the spear was recovered within hours before Hitler’s demise. The spear has since been returned to Hofsburg museum, in Vienna.

Current Discussion:

Is this the spear that spilled the blood of Christ? There are others that make the claim that they, too, posess the original artifact. It has made its way into storybooks, comics and movies – recently including Hell Boy and Constatine, both of which imply or state that it was in Nazi possesion for a time. Does it have the powers that many claim? Believers and coicidence may say that it does. It’s a matter of faith.

Spear of Longinus
The Holy Lance of Longinus