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When the Skies Fell Silent

 Can you remember a time when you looked into the sky and saw nothing, heard nothing. Not a high-altitude roar, no glint from the reflection of the sun, no flashing lights, or vapor trails.

Can you remember of a time? In my lifetime it has only happened once.

Once planes started to fall from the sky on 9/11/2001, the unprecedented decision was made to land all other flights across the nation. The skies would remain silent for the next seven days.

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Slushball – Warming Weather Data Is Pouring In

Think about that… slushball… As the weather warms, the snowball effect becomes slushball, and the slushball effect is in full swing as the data about climate change pours in. And finally people are beginning to take notice.

How hard is it to believe that we can damage our planet, a fragile biosphere that has been evolving for millions of years? For some, such as Fred Thompson, who thinks the idea is ‘silly’, the whole thought escapes them. G.W. Bush only sought to ratify the APEC environmetal pact because he has to do something about his ratings at home.

Anyone who thinks it costs money to secure our childrens’ future – they’re right. Using a lack of action due to the economy excuse doesn’t cut it anymore. The Polar Bears and ice shelves are telling a story, and it’s about time the right people listened. The snowy regions of the world are becoming slush, and our children will pay the price.

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TV Idiots Create ‘Kid Nation’

 What absolute idiot takes 40 kids, ages 8-15, and puts them together to try to take care of themselves? Whose really bad idea was this, and why did CBS decie to go through with it?

The next question is what crappy parents would subject their child to this? And for what: money, fame?

The kids had to do everything for themselves, and had NO adult supervision to speak of. Hmmm….. If you were that age, and left with no adults, what would YOU be doing?

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Drinking Legally at 18

Alcohol for MinorsI remember hearing about the increase in the drinking age limit when I was a kid. It went from 18 to 21, and I never understood that. Whoever is going to drink heavily, a law will only hinder them, not stop them entirely.

Look at it this what we ask of those who turn 18:

  • They should go to college or get a job
  • They can fight and die for our country
  • They should vote

Basically an 18 year old can do everything, by law, that a adult is permitted to do. There are only a few stipulations attached to the age of 21, such as the right to drink and a divorced parent no longer needs to provide for you (state dependant).

While the statistics are murky, it’s hard to believe that deaths related to alcohol would change much, although binge drinking may decrease if some younger adults can be served from a bar, where there are typical limits.

If they are going to be treated adult enough to die for you, then treat them as adults. As all adults, those who make mistakes will pay for it, and those who are responsible will be able to decrease their exposure to those who are not.

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‘When I became President in 2001…’

 In a Presidential address today, Bush said that in 2001 we were heading toward a recession. What has changed. There has been some improvement, but this has what to do with G.W.?

He also addressed his involvement with alternative energy, which he had little to do with until this year.

There is little that anyone can believe when this man makes a statement. He takes credit for things that he has turned the cheek on, unless he is the cause of it, and then he expects people to rally behind him.

He has brought us into two wars and given America a black eye on the world stage. If anything, he is detached from the people he is supposed to be serving.

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Ouija – “It’s just a game, isn’t it?”

OuijaThe Ouija (Ouiji) board comes from more modern spiritual circles. Though there are many tales of its origin, none have been proven, other than the fact that they were designed and produced during the early 1900s. The rights currently belong to the game giant Parker Brothers.

The name ‘Ouija’ is just as much of a curiousity, though the board is known as a planchette, meaning ‘little plank’ in French. More than likely the board’s history has mostly modern roots, though many mediums for contacting the spirit world have been used throughout history.

Is Ouija child’s play? That’s a good question… You’ll find many tales about the use of the board. I have my own, which I will get to in a minute. Think of it this way: if spiritual mediums are real, then do they really use tools to contact the netherworld, or are they the tool? Now how do we determine who has that capability, if it is indeed real?

Studies indicate that children entering their adolescent stage tend to exhibit unusual behaviour – like we haven’t noticed, right? Okay, really. For instance many cases of what would be know as poltergeist activity take place in the home of a child that is of adolescent age. Why? Is it because their minds, like their bodies, are in an extreme state of change? Is it possible that, without their knowledge, they are capable of manipulating things around them, or interacting with unseen forces?

By the time we grow to be adults the majority of us have ‘learned’ that the supernatural is a figment of our imagination. That is we have taught ourselves, or have been taught, that things like ghosts don’t exist. Modern religion tells us that anything of the sort are angels or demons.

Though I will not share my beliefs, for that is up to you to determine your own, I will share my experiences. One of those resides with the well-known Ouija board that I owned as a child, and that I still possess to this day, though it is put away, never to be used again. When I was about the age of twelve or thirteen my brother, cousin, friend and myself were sitting aroung my grandmother’s kitchen table, lit by a small night light that was on the stove. We were using the board, but nothing interesting took place, at least nothing memorable. it was around midnight. We finally gave it up and walked away from it. Not more than ten minutes later a cassette player, which had been turned off and was in the other room, began to play (and quite loudly at that time of the morning). We have never been able to explain why the cassette deck started playing, as it had an old manual push button, not a soft electronic button.

For several years following strange things took place, and then finally stopped. Were they related to the Ouija? Did we make contact with someone or something? I have my own beliefs, but as I said – my Ouija board has not been used since.

Theory has it that once such a board has been used, it has an owner. It cannot be burned or thrown away. It can be sold or given away to a new owner. What I brought upon myself I will never bring upon anyone else.

It’s just a game, isn’t it?

Museum of Talking Boards
Skepdic’s Veiw On Ouija
How to Use the Ouija
Ouija Pros and Cons

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Make Them Listen

 Americans have stated, polled, emailed and youtubed their opinions to their representatives. Sometimes they listen, sometimes they don’t. They have an agenda, but they also answer to the people that they represent. That’s their job.

George Bush doesn’t listen. He does not flex. Public opinion does not sway him, and he has no common sense to guide him.

Did you vote against him in either election? Did you vote for him, but now regret it? Want a way to express yourself to someone who doesn’t listen by any other means? Look here.

Sign up. Better yet, show up, if you can.

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Impeachment at Hand?

 For the majority of his term in office, G.W. Bush has failed to lead the country according to the popular will, including his election in 2000.

Now the time is coming that the people will make their voice heard. Will he listen this time? It is doubtful, because this time they will be asking their representatives for his impeachment during a march in Washington, D.C., in the months ahead.

Even if Bush were to be removed from office, or even censured, there is a potential for greater darkness waiting in the fold. Cheney, as a replacement, will be no better. More likely is that he will be far worse, as he has demonstrated that he feels his office is above the law…

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Here Illegally? Go Home!

 If you’re here illegally then you’re probably not reading this, but I’ll write it anyway.

I don’t care if you’re taking a job that we won’t do. Why? Because the fact that you’re here illegally demonstrates that fact that while you’re here you do not bind yourselves by the same laws that we do, whether we like them or not.

If you want to be a citizen, do it legally. Don’t come here and punch out a kid or few and expect to stay. All you will do is mess up your kids’ lives. Many other have come here legally, and they pay taxes – like you should, rather than sponging off the backs of the citizens.

If you just want to work to send the money home, get a temporary work visa – and pay the same taxes we do. We pay taxes for where we work and live, and so should you.

We welcome those who enter legally, but don’t burden us with the need to add special teachers to teach you English, inflating our healthcare costs and judicial system because you can’t abise by the same laws as those who live and legally migrate here.

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What Does Ann Coulter Say About This?

 Is she right? Is she left? Is she somewhere in the middle? Does she Ann Coultereven know?

She’s as beautiful and terrifying as any Cylon (from Battlestar Galactica, for the non-Sci-Fi people), whose tongue is as as sharp and clumsy as a barbarian sword weilded by a 90 pound geek.

Often she is found defending her words to her peers and critics, but rightfully so. It must be so hard when you frequntly speak without thinking. Here are a few quotes from The Washinton Monthly (expect to see some rotating on this site, as well):

To a disabled Vietnam vet: “People like you caused us to lose that war.”—MSNBC

“I am emboldened by my looks to say things Republican men wouldn’t.”—TV Guide 8/97

Let’s assume that I get around to publishing my idiot’s list. She”l be on it. If you haven’t clicked the link above, do so. You can try to take back the things that you say, but if you continue to say it then you’re a hypocrite.

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