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Let’s Talk Tax Exempt

 Who should be free of taxes? Obviously you and me want to be, but let’s get real – it isn’t going to happen. Get over it.

Government run organizations are tax exempt. That’s only logical, to some degree. Same with non-profit organizations.

But as individuals who work in this country why is it that we pay taxes while those who come here, both legally and illegally, do not. Why it is that they are exempt from helping to pave roads, put forward for welfare and medical care that ends up covering them? Why are these people making a living here, but only natural citizens only providing part of their income to make this government function?

There is only one group of people, if there are going to be any, that deserves such status – our war veterans, those that have put their lives on the line to preserve our way of life. Military personnel should pay, unless they have been to war.

Think about it… How many illegal aliens are working in this country tax-free, versus our troops, who have enough problems getting fair government treatment? It’s time the feds get their priorities straight.

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The Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Location: Louisville, KY

Waiverly HillsOrigins:
Waverly Hills orginated as a treament center for tuberculosis – a disease from which many perished in a time before antibiotics. Due to the fact that is was very contagious, staff lived on the premisis. A long tunnel was built that went down to the boiler facility, where people could walk up during winter weather and stay warm. It delivered steam heat to the hospital. The bodies of the dead were also transported down the tunnel, giving the nick-name ‘the Death Tunnel’ or ‘Body Chute’.

A Little More History:
Originally established to help treat tuberculosis, the disease had been erradicated by the 1950s, which brought little need for use of the facility for which it was originally designed. The building, with it’s saddening history, laid dormant until years later, where it was purchased for use to house mentally ill patients. It had been used for this purpose until the 1980s, when it was closed again, possibly for the last time.

The look of the building, itself, is frightening enough, with its bat-like shape. It was purchased with the intent of demolition, but due to its historic value it still stands. It is now available for tours, for a price.

Room 502 :
Probably the most well-known spot of this facility is room 502. According to the story, a nurse who worked in this room had jumped off of a ledge or balcony, falling several stories to her death. It has been reported that activity takes place in this room – cold spots, reactions from electronic equipment, etc..

Waverly Hills has been observed by serveral paranormal groups, with some sites and stories listed here. Their stories will not be duplicated, so that they can tell it the way they experienced it. The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society and TAPS (Ghost Hunters)

Louisville Ghost Hunters Society
Ron’ Official Waverly Hills Site
TAPS Review

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Project Rainbow – The Philadelphia Experiment

Philadelphia ExperimentWe all know that many experiments took place during WWII. The atomic bomb is a prime example. The German army had experiments as well. It was a race to better technology, to better ourselves and to win the war. There is no doubt that the second world war brought about some changes, both frightening and helpful. Nuclear power and jet engines both became available during that time, just to name a few.

But were there other experiments? Possibly others that could be classified as ‘Top Secret’ for quite some time? If so then the Philadelphia Experiment would be one of those projects.

The Philadelphia Experiment allegedly took place aboard the USS Eldridge in 1943. The goal – to render the ship invisible to radar and vision (bend light). It was all based on Eistein’s incomplete ‘Unified Field Theory for Gravitation and Electricity’. The results, according to legend, were both incredible and horrible.

Witnesses claim that the ship turned invisible – and teleported many miles away and back – all within a few minutes. During this time the crew continued to phase in and out of visibility, some of them rematerializing within the ships structure. Some crew members just went insane.

Could this have truly taken place? Skeptics have all of the logical answers, and they make sense. If you can make a ship invisible then why didn’t they continue with the experiments? Why was the badly needed naval vessel being used for testing, when it was listed as being on a mission elsewhere?

Others will tell you that the military will do anything to cover up such a story (which I have no doubt). Let’s face it – war is in no way rational, and in the case of this war many ‘unique’ decisions were made. Could this be one of those decisions?

Department of Naval Research
Carlos Allende
Joe Turner’s Story
Philadelphia Experiment from A to Z
USS Eldridge (DE-173)

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Ebay & Paypal Frauds Continue

 The favored locations for Internet fraudsters? Try Ebay as the number one target. Are you a buyer or seller? Then I should suggest watching the ‘impulse buys’ and making sure you know who you’re dealing with, and what you’re getting.

Also for sellers – Ebay offers to the option to sell your items outside of your country. Do you realize that Paypal (which is one of the most widely used, un-insured electronic funds transfer service) will not cover you if someone takes the product and then does a chargeback on your credit card? That means they now have the item that you sold them, and your money!!

So while Ebay and Paypal are tied at the hip, they do not incorporate the same techniques to protect their buyers. This is prime breeding ground for fraud. Frequently it will be the honest person who pays in the end. I know this because I’m one of them.

Don’t get me wrong – I like Ebay, and I would like Paypal if they were insured and didn’t already try to help steal $2,000 from me (now they are having some lawyers hound me, you can read all about that elsewhere on this site). Ultimately all I’m saying is that no one is doing anything to protect the buyer, so you need to watch out for yourself.

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Prove It!

Mr. President, you are now proclaiming that Iran is supplying Iraqi militants with weapons to be used against Iraqis and Americans. You are beefing up the armed forces in the area. In the process you are helping to increase the national debt and taking money away from programs that can better funded here in the states.

With this further military build-up, based on intelligence that has yet to be put on record to the citizens of the United States, it has the uncanny resemblance of what took place back in 2003, before the invasion of Iraq, which we are still involved in, as well as Afganistan. Yet you manage to try to put the blame on others for the lack of cedible intel, and you still squander what goodwill the international community has extended to us, mudding up our good name. As you have stated, you are the Commander in Chief, and the responsibility to verify any information rests on your sholders when it comes to such decisions that will cost so many lives.

So, Mr. President, it’s time you let the people decide for themselves whether we believe your intelligence, and whether it is worthy of smearing us further. In other words, before bringing us into a third conflict prove that there is a legitimate reason for more spilled blood.

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Government – Savior or Pusher?

The state of Texas is mandating by law that teen and pre-teen girls receive Gardasil, a series of shots provided by Merck. It is used as a preventative measure against cervical cancer.

This, in my opinion, should be left entirely up to the parents and the child. As a parent, I believe that it will be up to my child. As an individual, I also believe that we are over-using medications, and that the reason for this has everything to do with the pharmaceutical pushing the medications for profit.

The case with Gardasil is a very good example of the profitability of a medication. Merck, with this medication, stands to make billions of dollars, while so many families suffer from lack of insurance. And the long-term effects are truly unknown, as with so many new medications.

Perhaps I would change my mind if there were an epidemic, or if there were cases of such cancer in my family. The fact of the matter is that neither is the case. No drug company should be pushing their product, let alone line the pockets of politicians to get those in power to push these meds.

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Walk in Our Shoes

I listened to the State of the Union address last night, and I agree with Mr. Bush only on the energy issue. Of course, it took a lot for him to discuss it.

But with the other topics that were addressed, I think it’s time Bush – and every other politician – live the life in mid-America for a while. CIPA and health insurance is a joke, and most people are distrustful of anything said about Iraq.

What does CIPA do? It forces states to keep students in classes and passing in order for them to get funds. Let’s face it: some kids don’t want to learn. The schools, teachers and other students are then being penalized by keeping these individuals in class. CIPA needs to go away.

And we’re going to what with health insurance? Forgive me, I have to recompose myself from laughter. You’re going to make me get insurance on my own in order to make it take deductible, because of it comes from my employer it’s taxable? But it will still cost me about the same… And I still can’t afford it…

Someone forgot to put on their thinking cap.

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Boost for Troops?

Is Bush really that mixed up? Or maybe he is pretty certain he will get his way, no matter what he does.

The ‘Commander and Chief’ will give his State of the Union address tomorrow, while the majority of Americans and the world will only listen half-heartedly. The president has yet to put aside his bull-headed manors in order to be effective with the mess he has put us into.

We hear him talk of ‘troop surge’, yet we fail to hear him talk of providing the troops with the necessary funds-per-soldier. These guys are putting their lives on the line daily with sub-standard equipment. Is this the best that the U.S. military can do? Spending for an increase in troops means that many more of our men and women will be dropped into a dangerous situation with insufficient equipment.

I would much rather my tax dollars focus on bringing our people home alive, and soon. It’s time to shred the wrong agenda.

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Hypodermic Hypocrisy

There’s a storm brewing, but if frequently sits below the radar. It seems that, while quite important, it has been getting less attention than it deserves. I’m not referring to Global Warming, or some other hot topic. Those items seems to be getting their due attention at this point.

I’m referring to healthcare, or lack thereof. It wasn’t too long ago that healthcare was affordable to many people who had a semi-decent job. For those that didn’t, there was medicaid. That’s not how it is now. Why?

Many of us look at the cost of healthcare that is provided by our employer and decide that paying our bills and keeping a roof over our heads seems a better idea, and that we will ‘take our chances’. Good idea? Probably not, but what else can be done.

The insurance provider from my employer recently stated that they are out of the red from a couple of years ago, and now they have a surplus. What do we get from it? Lower premiums? No, we now get Health Coaches ‘free of charge’. I hate to say this, but when $600 a month comes out of your pay every month, it’s not free.

And what about the insurance act the Gov. Schwarzenegger is working on? Well, it seems a step in the right direction. Free healthcare to children – A great idea! At the expense of the physicians? Not so great. Physicians earn their money. They do a good job, they should get paid well.

So how do you fund such and endeavour? How about restrictions on healthcare to an individual based on how they choose to live their lives? Smokers pay more, etc.. How about paying less for illegal residents, that don’t pay taxes anyway? If they need to go to the hospital, and they don’t have residential status, they get shipped home upon being treated. How about refining the laws in order to reduce the number of unnecessary malpractice claims (you know the ads from TV – everybody wants to sue someone).

The debate is a good one, and now is the time to get involved. Many are now going without insurance, just because it’s not affordable. It’s time to fix the system.

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Merry Christmas! Keep the Death Penalty!

What a sinner, I guess, but everytime I think about this, it irritates me. What makes people that were sent to prison think they are entitled to anything? Special medical care (like sex change operations)? Cable TV? A painless death, in the case of the death penalty?

These people owe families, neighbors, friends and society a debt – that’s why they are locked up. And they have the nerve to tell us that the way they die isn’t ethical!

For those on death row, your crimes are far more cruel than the pain that the state will inflict on you. Deal with it! For those who question that philosphy, did they not know that the deeds they were doing would land them where they are today? I would think that most of them thought about it.

Prisons are not summer camp. They should be used to hand out punishments, and help those who are convicted to better themselves prior to release. If they are going to continue to burden society, then harsh punishment should be both required and expected.

The saying goes that the punishment should fit the crime, but sometimes there are crimes to which society has dictated that we will not stoop to the level of the criminal. Those people should be so fortunate.

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