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Entertaining Downloads

For some time now the RIAA and MIAA have been doing their best to stop people from downloading licensed content, but with limited success. The RIAA has even went as far as filing lawsuits against the very audience it seeks to sell its product to.

Most of us realize that downloading software, music and movies amounts to piracy, or theft. Many do not realize the penalties of doing so.

Even more, the RIAA was the first to demonstrate that not too many organizations know how to take a proactive approach to diminish the activity that is costing them dearly. The MIAA, on the other hand, has taken steps in the right direction. They have set up a system called Movielink, where people can download movies legally. Sure, they pay a fee, but it’s easy to find and legal – less hassles. In time, with this idea, they will prosper, where others have failed.

Sometimes it’s hard to embrace something that can destroy you. Sun-tzu said it best – ‘Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.’

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So Many Candidates, So Little Experience

So the hype has hit the political world, now? We have to candidates that are taking the Democratic platform by storm, but why?

This is not, in any reference, to indicate that the candidates – Clinton and Obama – are not bad people. Perhaps they are qualified. But they have not spent much time in politics, and the U.S. is in need of someone who has enough experience, and is still capable and willing to take the risks needed to pull this country out of the mess it has been thrown into.

Though, at this point, I’ve had all I can stand of any Republican (almost), I look at the current candidate selection of potentials: McCain, Bayh, Giuliani… So many have more experience. And where is Al Gore?

Remember, just because someone can speak well, it does not mean they can lead well. To find someone who can do both is just good fortune.

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Tis the Season to be Stupid

Apparently a peace sign, in Christmas wreath form, is offending some home owners in a Colorado subdivision. Bob Kearns, president of the Loma Linda Homeowners Association in Pagosa Springs, has sent letters to the home owner, telling her that if the wreath is not removed she will be required to pay $25 a day.

When the division board refused to make the home owner remove it, he fired them. Does someone have control issues, or are they just lacking Christmas spirit?

Bah, hum-bug to Bob, too. We know what will be in his stocking.

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Tis the Season to Get Trampled

Is is Christmas season again? And with the season comes the silly dreams that children have of new toys, while parents have their hopes crushed of making their kids popular with the most sought-after toys.

The little thing called hype. So many parents get caught up in it. I’m just as guilty, though I don’t do it anymore. If they want it bad enough, the little tikes can get it with a gift card, after christmas.

Black Friday can bring out the worst in people, who give themselves a headache just to get the best deals. Sometimes you have to wonder if it’s worth the stress. At least the new gaming consoles don’t go on sale then. The voilence would be through the roof, as if it weren’t bad enough.

So, on Christmas Eve, while kids are dreaming of when mom and dad will recover from that fist fight that landed them a black eye and a night in jail, and just hoping that what comes down the chimney isn’t Santa’s form of saying ‘This is for your parents,’ all while smelling up the house while he warms his butt cheeks and reads the paper, I will wonder what happened to the spirit of Christmas. It seems to have lost its magic.

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What About Health Care?

Why is it that health care expenses continue to climb to points where so many can no longer afford to insure themselves, or their families? What are these individuals to do to provide for themselves, spouse or children?

Unless things change, so many – myself included – will no longer be able to make sure our families are covered. Then what? We have no way to pay for needed medications or unexpected trips to the doctor, hospital, dentist, etc.. Then who will pay? Everyone else.

When the cost of healthcare rises to the amount of one’s mortgage, and in many cases it’s more that someone makes, then people will end up going without.

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The Land of the Free!

RumsfeldThe Dems have taken the lead, for better or worse – but most likely better. Most candidates I voted for didn’t win, but my opinion was voiced.

With the changing of the guard in the two houses, will there be a difference? That is too soon to tell, but some grand thigs are already taking place. Let’s start with much more qualified staffing in the White House. While it would be a grave mistake to leave Iraq immediately (which is unlikely to happen), perhaps we will start to see progress from this unneccessary conflict.

In the meantime we can now be assured that GW will be watched a little more closely, since power is now a little more balanced.

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The Little Laws With A Lot Of Oversight

Which would strike you more – a sexual predator lurking in your neighborhood or a killer that was convicted for the slaughter of an innocent child, one that was sentenced to three life sentences – and is out on parole?

Roll me up and call me fugly, but when I hear of a convicted child killer roaming the streets it makes me nervous for my own kids!

Wait a minute… They don’t tell anyone when a convicted killer is on the loose. On second thought, how does someone sentenced to three life terms get out?

Danny Rouse “stabbed or cut” a Kansas woman “with a knife 12 times”, then cut the throat of her 5 year old son while he slept, in 1979. And Kansas was smart enought to let this guy go free? Nice… now our residents must bury a child…

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Please Try Again

It’s the story of my life. ‘Please Try Again’. Every time I open a bottle of Mountain Dew, or get a candy bar or go to McDonalds. I don’t bother playing the lottery…

Elections are no different. I vote during every major election, usually. Do I get the candidate of choice? Not usually. Am I asking too much, or not enough of a realist, that the people I vote for are dreamers? Perhaps. I continue to vote anyway. I want to change the world. I am not capable of doing that on a personal level, so I do it by asking those who I vote for to carry my voice for me. I follow up by voicing my concerns once those that are elected are in office.

I want to see the world the way it makes sense to me, so I will continue to vote for those who best suit my ideas. Someday, maybe, it will move mountains. In the meantime I will keep looking under the caps of my Dew bottles…

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How Much Worse Can It Get?

Why is President Bush disregarding our history? It’s not okay to leave people without any hope of a trial, no matter who they are. It’s not okay to torture. It’s not okay to do your own will, and turn your nose at those who elected you into office and pay your salary!

People – this is politics today. It’s really not getting better. There are only a few select people who I would vote back into office (Sue Landske), while the rest can be thrown out with the bath water.

Does your opinion count? Do you want it to? There are ways of making it happen. Start by voting the person that best represents your views. Talk to your legislators. If they don’t talk back, at least once in a while, are they worth voting for? Does the person need to be a Republican or Democrat?

When important topics come up, are we, the people, notified, or do they go by, unnoticed, until the beasts of Capitol Hill vote in their favor? If we can file our taxes online, why can’t we vote for important topics the same way? Why can’t we, collectively, make our voices heard?

The American political system is a tragedy. Is it all the fault of the president? Not really. Who gave him the authority. We voted him in, and frequently sit in silence. And then there’s the representatives that do not question him, or themselves, often enough…

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Dead-Beat Dads

Define a ‘dead-beat dad’. Is it a person who refuses to help support his children, or someone who cannot afford to? Either way, with todays laws, it is punishable. It is also ridiculous.

The law is not clear, in many cases, or perhaps improperly interpreted, on how much of a persons wages should go to their children. In the state of Indiana, however, it does state that a person should not be discouraged from working because he cannot pay support and be able to survive on his income at the same time. Yet it happens anyway…

I am for making sure fathers help support their children, but there has to be limitations in place. An atricle I read in a local paper shows how the system is being abused. There is nothing said in this article as to why he has been reprimanded. Is this person truly a dead-beat, or has our child support system made life too hard on him?

When you throw in ‘maintenance’ (the spousal support, to support the person who doesn’t want to work, or wants to get far more support than they should be entitled), and do the math, it is not right for the supporting parent to try to live off of less money that what it will cost them for rent. Yes, it happens. Some people pay so much that they do not have enough for rent, let alone food – or anything else.

So, at what point does the person that is paying support stop making payments, just so they can survive too? $450/wk – $200 /four chilren – $150 / maintenance = $400 to live on a month. That’s rent. That’s paying more in maintenance than what the person brings home. That isn’t right, but it’s a very real figure. Could you do it?

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