Hate Crimes?

Maybe it’s because I’m from a small town, but I guess I don’t see the issue. It seems we have a few people that want to make more of it than what it is, and many jumping on just for the cause.

If you want to declare crimes of hate as those where it’s one race against another, rather than based on a personality clash, than there are many cases where there are victims on all sides. Since our friend, Al Sharpton, wants to define Jena as an example, you have the case where it was wrong for kids to intimidate others with nooses, and even more wrong when the ones who felt intimidated took their anger out by putting a fellow student in the hospital. In either case, it’s wrong.

Like I said, I live in a small town and in an old house. I can tell you that when you work to clean something this old, there will always be dirt remaining, if you look for it.

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All Hail the King

Let’s get this straight: During a Latin America meeting the Prime Minister of Spain is speeking. The ever obnoxious Hugo Chavez was talking, out of turn (I’m assuming this, as his microphone was turned off), about the fascist diplomat(s) from spain. Chavez is asked to try to be diplomatic, and when Chavez continued the king of Spain told him to ‘Shut up’.

Sounds fair to me, not unreasonable.

Now Chavez states that he was disrespected by the arrogant leaders of Spain? Now I was taught as a child not to interrupt others, and I certainly think that diplomacy allows all parties a chance to voice their opinions, which apparently wasn’t working so well at this meeting. So now, from my perspective, Chavez is either not a diplomat, or he never learned manners as a child, or both. Now he claims to hope that diplomacy was not damaged, but also states that it really does not matter.

This is just the latest demonstration from Hugo, who regularly expects the U.S. to invade Venezuela and is working to assume full dictatorship of the country as he squanders his oil money in trade for popularity.

Was King Juan Carlos wrong correct Chavez? Absolutely not! What would your mother have said?

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Feeding Those That Loathe You

Consider the fact that we buy oil from Iran, Russia, Suadi Arabia and Venezuela – countries that, at least in part, don’t like westerners. Venezuela’s  Hugo Chavez, most definitely.

Yet here we are, watching our economy slide, and we’re lining their pockets. Yes – WE are. The U.S. currently consumes more oil than any other nation, and by purchasing it we support those that either publicly badmouth us, or have parties that do so. And with skyrocketing oil prices, we continue to buy it.

Iranian people are good people, but the governments (ours and theirs) antagonize each other. Russia, who has shown that they will cut off supplies to certain regions if they get upset with them, has demonstrated instability. Saudi Arabia’s government likes the U.S., but there are many powers within that would love to see the relationship sour. Venezuela is just going down the tubes, and it will become obvious in time.

With so many major players, and there are more than just these, why do we support this? Because we, the consumers, and our government will not do anything about it. Starting with mandatory energy conservation would be a great start. Bills to reduce and eliminate our dependance on foreign fuel would be the next logical step.

We must demand it, and the government must develop programs to support it. Alternative energy is starting to take root, but until we feel the pinch our politicians will always have their own agenda. It’s time we stop supporting other countries! Let’s start supporting ourselves!!

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Westboro Baptist Church Get Bitch-Slapped!

The Phelps clan was slapped with an $11 million dollar penalty for being a public nuisance at a funeral for a fallen Marine in Maryland.

While that doesn’t even come close to the loss of someone’s child, it’s about time.

Would someone please deport these people, who tote signs to the tune of ‘Thank God for dead soldiers’? Maybe they would be welcomed in someplace such as Venezuela…

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‘Don’t Tase Me Bro!’ Guy ia a Conspiracy Theorist!

 So Mr. Andrew Meyers was asked by the Today Show why he did what he did, which was to ask John Kerry why he didn’t take office in 2004, and if Kerry was a member of ‘Skull and Bones’ in in college, with G.W., as well as why aren’t the democrats trying to impeach Bush for agression against Iraq and Afganistan.

First, Meyers, you DO remember 9/11/2001, right? The guys who brought foreign terrorism to our door step came from training camps in Afganistan. The Iraq war stemmed from a congress, led by Republicans at the time, who were too weak to stop it.

Kerry did not concede the election for President in 2004. He simply just did not win. The 2000 elections were questionable. The 2004 elections were not.

Skull and Bones? Someone has been watching too many movies.

Meyers, can we assume that you will be in school for a while? You have a lot to learn. And you did deserve to be tasered. It sure brought laughter from more than just John Stewart.

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From SexEd to the Bed?

 So Maine has taken the step to start providing 6th grade girls with birth control pills. What will be condoned in another generation – 4th or 5th grade?

One perspective is that it is a precaution for a few that will need it, but once it appears to be ‘OK’ then the attitude changes, and then you’r not cool if you don’t do this or have that.

A step in this direction is hard to reverse, and may push the problem into elementary schools. It’s happened before!

Not every child can be saved from every situation, and some are pulled in due to problems with friends, or at home, or whatever. Just as you cannot save all kids from dropping out of school, neither can all kids be saved from running away or from teen pregnancy.

Give them the education as well as you possibly can, not the pills.

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UFO Fanatics – A Big, Dry Pill

AlienWe’ve all heard them – the stories that are just SO hard to believe, that someone made it up just for the attention!

Do I believe in aliens? Well, if they don’t exist, it would be a waste of space, right?

But for those that believe that aliens run our world, and are lizard men dressed and posing as humans… get a life. If they are that capable, why would they bother? If they’ve been here for thousands of years why wouldn’t they have the intelligence to introduce themselves to humans while man’s weapons were still sticks and stones? But the theory is that these carnivorous lizard people are in the most powerful government positions, and that people have seen them removing thier ‘people skins’.

And we, as humans, have a hard enough time claiming G.W. Bush as one of our own. Why would they want to have such an idiot in such a position?

I like paranormal theories as much as the next guy, but there is a reason that I haven’t yet put this stuff on my site.

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To President Ahmadinejad:

AhmadinejadPresident Ahmadinejad,

We understand why you are wanting to speak to the American people. You want to tell us how wrong George Bush is on his Middle East policy, and most of us already agree. We also know that he is very bull-headed, and his lack of flexibility is troubling to us.

I mean, if he believed the haulocost never happened, you couldn’t make him believe it no matter how many history books you put in front of him. Or trying to make him tone down his retoric towards other countries in order to give peace a chance, even if he had to give some concessions – you know – find some middle ground.

Now we are in Iraq – because Bush said we needed to be there. He was insistent. How have you helped the situation so that the Americans can leave?

I admire the people of Iran, but it’s government needs some changes, just like ours. Until that happens, it’s doubtful we’ll ever find peace.

You and President Bush are far more alike than many realize.

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Stick it to ’em in Jena, La

 Well Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson have come out of the woodwork, so there must be more racial tensions for them to stir up, parading as though they are trying to help defend the accused. That isn’t the true agenda, of course. It’s all about ratings for Sharpton and Jackson.

In the meantime they are turning a small town into a zoo. They also fail to recognize the true victim of this crime.

It’s obvious what started this – the nooses that were placed under a tree as a scare tactic, that this was what triggered the attack on the victim and that the prosectuter is flexing the muscle of the law – which is not unusual in any case.

Is this racial injustice? It started out that way, with the nooses. Then escalated from the hospitalization of another youth. But remember that these large show-downs can also instigate the very thing some claim to be fighting against. If people really wanted the racism to stop, they would recognize this and resolve it among the locals, not make it worse.

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University of Florida Students’ Shocking Showdown

 The fact that you’re a student in college apparently is no indication that you have any sense of intelligence or the real world, as some students have displayed at the University of Florida.

This kid decided he would take more time than was granted to harass Sen. Kerry with nonsense questions. Example: ‘Why didn’t Kerry contest the 2004 election?’ Simple answer – Kerry did not win.

So, when this kid was escorted out of the lecture hall he thought he would be ‘cool’ and resist the police. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the police would tire of this and find another means – in this case it was a taser. Was getting shocked other students started screaming, as though this guy was some poor innocent that just got mugged. C’mon…

Some of these students are now going to hold a demonstration. To them I ask: If he had been harrassing someone at a bar and was hit with pepper spray, would you make a fuss?

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