Laws – Quality vs Quantity

Have you ever wondered if today’s politicians are truly passionate about serving the people? If you have then you’re not alone. Congress is about to enter it’s 5 week recess, to get ready for re-elections or take some much needed time of from getting nothing useful done.

Let’s face it – sometimes the most powerful changes are those that are the most subtle. Yet the branches of our legal system seem to be moving with tradition; get as much done as possible, no matter how useless – and don’t think too far down the road. Or get nothing done. Nothing of positive value has been brought forward for quite sometime.

In the end I wish I could say your vote would count, but it may or may not. Keep in mind that because of the many worthless laws (although there were valid reasons for the electoral college a long time ago), your vote’s value has the possibility of being diminished. Look at it here. Want an independant to be President? Don’t count on it…

Basically it boils down to the fact that we need to better study our candidates, rather than just voting for a party. It shouldn’t matter how much gets done, but each item, one at a time. If it can’t be done, fine, but how will it affect us now and in the future.

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The Legend of El Chupacabra

ChupacabraWhat is it?

Chupacabra is a creature that cryptozoologists, paranormal researchers and UFO-logists all take interest in. Its background is unique. The word ‘chupacabra’ simply means ‘goat sucker’. This comes from the number of mutilated goats that were originally found in Puerto Rico.

Not unlike they ‘Grey’ alien sightings, the chupacabra sightings mostly seem similar. 3 to 5 feet tall, a spiney back, dark or glowing red eyes and limbs that all have three pointy fingers and toes are common descriptions. Some even suggest the capability of camoflauge, becoming dark at night and turning the colors of the environment during the day to remain elusive. Other witnesses also state that it may be able to fly and/or jump great heights.

Where does it come from?

What your general beliefs are will allow you to make your own conclusion here. According to some popular theories it is a creature of extraterrestrial origin. Some believe it is the ‘pet’ or ‘experiment’ of aliens. In many cases dead animals have been found shortly after strange sightings in the sky.

Others simply believe that the creature has been around for quite some time, possibly originating from the dinosaur era, and that it has gone relatively unnoticed until recently – until approximately 1975.

Then there are also theories stating that it is a genetic mutation, either natural or human created.

By and large the most unlikely of the explanations states that the creature is from another dimension or time, possibly future generations of humans returning with a warning about our future.

Where has it been sighted?

The vast majority of sightings place it in Peurto Rico, Central America, South America and the United States. It should be noted that the legend has been passed around the Latin American community, coinciding with locations where animals have been killed in mysterious ways.

The legend is recorded to have started in Peurto Rico, but many witnesses have come forth throught the Americas, from Brazil to Michigan. Many of these reports only involve the bloodless corpses of livestock and pets, which are then attributed to the possible presence of chupacabra.

There are far fewer reports of people actually witnessing the beast first hand. Those that do have startling tales to tell, many sounding like a cross between the Jersey Devil and an alien encounter. Many villages fear the chupcabra, as reports had come in regarding attacks on villages and livestock. Some villages have taken it upon themselves to locate and rid themselves of the elusive creature.

There have been very few governments willing to get involved with such hunts, and regard animal mutilation as the work of wild dogs.

Current Findings:

It is difficult to dismiss any unknown creature as mass hysteria or halucination. Certain comments would lead the logical mind to suggest that many points are not likely, or not possible at all.

Yet the tale of chupacabra holds many details that are not so easy to dismiss. The fact that all animals that were attacked had been drained of blood, and the wounds to do this were holes in a triangular pattern. In some cases one or more organs were missing, and others left the creature limp – without the onset of rigamotis.

Blue Roadrunner
Mystical Creatures

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Anti-U.S. Baptist Needs Hate-Mail, Too

Westboro Baptist ChurchYes, this continues to be the land of the free, where even morons can spew their free will. The problem is when the rights of these ungrateful asses infringe upon others, specifically those who fought and died for us and them.

I am referring to the Westboro Baptist Church. These are people who get thrills out of protesting at the funerals of dead soldiers, those who died serving our country.

They are more than welcome to get the hell out of the U.S. and go where they feel more comfortable. Obviously they won’t put their lives on the line for this country… angry

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Destruction of Empires

Destruction of EmpiresThe Middle East is known for many things, but currently two stand out: Centuries of bloddy battles and the fall of empires. The two seem to go quite well together, as war after bloody war drains populations, economies and livelihoods.

History has shown that, while the rest of the world attempts to become civilized, the Middle East (as well as Africa now) continues to live in contempt with their nieghbors and the world. These very nations have also wrought havoc on nations that have become involved in their disputes, including the Soviet Union. Think of the desserts as quicksand, pulling those who enter in, eventually to their demise.

Now the western empire is in the quicksand. It’s not just the U.S., though President Bush is the major pushing force. The world that has pushed and created the civilized world is now battling the very region that has bathed its own children in blood since documented history. How is cancer treated? Generally adding to the cancer is not an option. In this case it tends to be contagious.

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TV Channels By Choice

TV a la carteThe cable industries hand may be forced by the FCC’s Further Report, which would require television content providers to allow consumers to select the channels they want to see, rather than pay for a bundle of channels.

With todays automated computer systems this should not be difficult. It would be very possible to select and pay for the channels you want through a web page on the Internet. So why are the cable providers and individual channels upset?

Cable companies will incur fees for channels they offer but people don’t want. They would rather just push it on to consumers. Thus it becomes more costly for them. And smaller channels would simply disappear due to lack of popularity, like you needed the book channel, or all of those religious channels.

Companies, like cable or the recording industries, don’t control us. We pay them for the services, and they need to start accounting for their consumers opinions.

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U.S. Schools Are Not So Smart

Schools Lack EducationWhat is it with our education system? It’s obvious that education in the U.S. is suffering. Take a look overseas to India and China and you start to develop the picture that we’re second rate. This stems from a lack of interest in todays youth, as well as a lack of daring by our government to do something different to make improvements.

Our system needs a complete overhaul. Start with the ‘No Child Left Behind’ Act, which is a farse. What is it doing? It’s trying to push the kids who don’t care about their education, all while forgetting about the ones who try. Then move on to textbooks, which are filled with things that aren’t necessary, and sometimes aren’t necessarily factual, but are politically motivated.

Get the politics out of my childs education. Then get someone in charge that isn’t afraid of teacher’s unions and lay down the law! Make changes! Be bold! It’s not just my kids’ future… it’s our countries!

Oh – and quit with all of the unnecessary testing that burns kids out, as well as adding unnecessary technology (like each student having a computer). If the state really wants to know how kids are doing, they can look at the year-end records. Quit testing them, start teaching them!

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And Now A Word From Nutcase Pat Robertson

Pat RobertsonPat Robertson has been given a prediction from God – He might have heard that storms are going to batter the US coast, maybe even with tsunamis! Wow! Behold the power of Cheesus! Amen!

Pat has announced something many people already knew! Is he intelligent, or what?! We might get hit by storms! There might be a tsunami! God might have spoken! Behold the power of Cheesus! Amen! wassat

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Jeb for Pres? I don’t think so…

Jeb and George Bush“…he’d make a great president,” according to G.W. Yes, indeed, he has a fine example to follow, right?

Now when we talk about Jeb we are all keeping in mind how he likes to take on things that he has no business meddling in, right? The 2000 elections, where everything hinged on the votes of Florida – Jeb’s territory, and more recently the ordeal with the Schaivo case that should have remained a local battle but, thanks to Jeb, became something bigger.

It seems, from just a couple of cases, that Jeb can’t handle one state. Who honestly thinks he would be able to manage the country?

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The Star-Mangled Banner

The National Anthem, like so many other things, is something we take for granted. We all heard it (and hopefully sang it) as kids, and it’s played before sporting events. It’s been sung by rock stars and people who can’t sing – in front of many spectators, only to get booed. It’s part of our heritage and identity.

Now Latin-American immigrants are translating and modifying it.

Translation into Spanish is fine with me. It gives people a way to identify with the U.S. if they are planning on traveling here with the intent of citizenship. But, once here, realize that the laws of the land must be followed and English spoken, or go home.

But DO NOT modify our anthem. If you are not a citizen then make up your own anthem, but do not expect the current citizens to take you serioulsy when you modify ours.

If you want to come here – learn the Pledge, learn the Anthem and know what they mean, in English, preferrably.

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How could he?!

United 93I know I’ll burn for this, but I was reading an article about a senator from N.C., Charles Taylor, who wants to block the ressurection of the flight 93 memorial, though many have tried to sway him. My first reaction was “What is this guy somking?”Unfortunately logic also kicked in, and I tend to agree, although I want to see it built. Here we have heros that will never be forgotten for what they did and the lives they saved. The act was selfless and noble, and we could all only hope we had the same courage. At the same time I have been to the current memorial site, and it’s not exactly a tourist attraction, though I never expected to see so many people there from all over the world. Reading the signature book was rather amazing.

The question is: in years down the road how many people will visit it? Will it stand as a lone tribute that remains derelict, isloated and unvisited? We would hope not, but it’s a good possibility. By comparison the USS Arizona memorial receives many tourists, but that’s because it’s in a tourist hotspot.

The promise has been made. The memorial should go forward. Let’s hope it is remembered and loved, otherwise the result will be heartbreaking. Someday perhaps the majority, rather than the minority, of our lawmakers will try to look ahead before making decisions.

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