Schools Lack EducationWhat is it with our education system? It’s obvious that education in the U.S. is suffering. Take a look overseas to India and China and you start to develop the picture that we’re second rate. This stems from a lack of interest in todays youth, as well as a lack of daring by our government to do something different to make improvements.

Our system needs a complete overhaul. Start with the ‘No Child Left Behind’ Act, which is a farse. What is it doing? It’s trying to push the kids who don’t care about their education, all while forgetting about the ones who try. Then move on to textbooks, which are filled with things that aren’t necessary, and sometimes aren’t necessarily factual, but are politically motivated.

Get the politics out of my childs education. Then get someone in charge that isn’t afraid of teacher’s unions and lay down the law! Make changes! Be bold! It’s not just my kids’ future… it’s our countries!

Oh – and quit with all of the unnecessary testing that burns kids out, as well as adding unnecessary technology (like each student having a computer). If the state really wants to know how kids are doing, they can look at the year-end records. Quit testing them, start teaching them!