Promises, Promises, Still No Change

John McCain has some great ideas, with his willingness to remove much of the excess from government. I like many of his ideas, though I seriously disagree with where he stands on the wars in Iraq and Afganistan. That being said, it’s not what is driving my vote away from McCain…

I like Barack Obama’s maturity throughout his campaign. I see many of the attacks from McCain to Obama, including taking so many of Obama’s statements out of context. What’s worse, in my opinion, is the fact that McCain will not look at or hold a personal conversation with Obama. If he is not capable of doing so, then how can he effectively lead this country. This is a scenario that he would have to deal with from the Oval Office.

Haven’t we dealt with one person who has been too stubborn for the last eight years? In the most powerful office in the world, there is a time to be flexible and a time to be rigid. That person should never be both all of the time, yet it appears McCain is demonstrating a lack of flexibility…. already….

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30 Days of Composure

The clock is running with a little over a month until elections, while we watch or presidential (and vice) nominees.

 I don’t mind McCain or Obama, and no problems with Biden. I can’t say the same about Palin, as she seems to talk circles when asked a question, when she is running for an office that would have to replace the president if the need arises. We have a president in office that does that now.

My next concern lies in the smear campaign – which has always taken place – that politicians use. The interesting thing is that McCain seems to try to do most of the smearing. I’m not saying that Obama isn’t smearing McCain, but most of it is true, while so much of what McCain has been saying either is not true or is exaggerated.

However it turns out, this country needs good leadership to pull us back from the slump that the current administration put us in. Smearing is not going to help with that, for either party. The rest of us will have to be prepared for sacrifice.

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Who Do You Trust?

Yep, been a while since I last posted. A stupid video game has gotten me addicted to it….

 So where were we? Oh yeah, and experienced presidential candidate with an inexperienced running mate, and an inexperienced presidential candidate with an experienced running mate. Both are saying the same things over and over. Both are stating they are for change. Both are going to cost this country more money.

Will we come out on top? This is anybody’s guess now. It comes down to the need for candidates that are willing to actually do something about the economy, the war, fuel and alternatives and health care. Another issue they need to keep in mind – how to accomplish this without running this great nation further into debt.

 Election day is a couple of months away. Roll the dice and take your chances.

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Staying Steady – What’s Important

The time is near where we will elect a new president, hopefully one that will listen to the people, rather than follow his own, sole agenda. The question then becomes what is important, and right now that is changing quickly. Inflation is causing our priorities to migrate rapidly, so what was important 6 months ago isn’t as much now.

The economy, while in a slump now, will get better, so will we regret not focusing on other issues when our next president is elected. Currently some of the biggest topics to most people are:

  • The Economy
  • The Iraq War
  • Health Insurance
  • Energy Independance
  • The Environment
  • Government Spending and Waste
  • Immigration
  • Liberty vs Security

These are just some of the issues, but our candidates need to have a planto deal with these.

In many cases Bush has put us into a situation of a need for repair, at home and globally. The person we choose to lead us and represent us must be able to undo what has been done and put us back on track to resolve our debts and make us self-sufficient, as well as improve our status with our allies and the world.

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Replacing the American Devil

There are a number of reasons to dislike George Bush, and in many cases it may be a struggle to find something positive about him, but here’s one: He’s almost out of office. The big question is ‘how much more damage can he do in another year?’ Probably a lot, unfortunately.

In the meantime we have a number of contenders running for the big chair. Have you learned your lesson by actually studying the candidates, or are you going on first impressions? Most of these people – democrat and republican – are good speakers, but who haven’t you heard that IS running.

I keep looking at the polls, and there is one Democrat and one Republican who would be those that I favor, and neither of their names are on the polls. The two least phony and most down-to-Earth candidates seem to be Democratic Chris Dodd and Republican Ron Paul. Both are concerned about ending the war in Iraq, health care and most views that I share. Not all, of course, but I wouldn’t expect that.

If you haven’t researched your candidates, it’s about time you start. Look here if you’re curious. It’s a brief overview, but is not in depth. Keep in mind that the most unpopular president in U.S. history was re-elected, in part, by those who vote strictly Republican. Many others didn’t look at the rest of their options, and went only with the candidates they had heard of. If we get another president that the majority of us despise, and you voted for them, you have no one to blame but yourself.

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