In one of my recent posts I talked about how I sold an item on Ebay, was paid with Paypal and shipped it. A couple of months later the (l)user posted a chargeback on his/her credit card while Paypal stood by and did very little, or nothing.

Interesting enough, no? Well, it seems that when Ebay billed my Paypal account (not even twelve dollars), Paypal tried pulling the entire amount that they think I owe them (that would be about $2,000) out of my bank account, which I had already closed because I anticipated such a move.

Talk about an unauthorized transaction! I did not give them permission, but apparently that must be assumed? I don’t think so…

Now had they actually worked on resolving the problem, this wouldn’t be an issue. But therein lies the problem – they don’t resolve problems. This is what makes Paypal a haven for so many crooks.

Let them push the issue. In the meantime I will turn the case over to the FTC and DoJ.