What a sinner, I guess, but everytime I think about this, it irritates me. What makes people that were sent to prison think they are entitled to anything? Special medical care (like sex change operations)? Cable TV? A painless death, in the case of the death penalty?

These people owe families, neighbors, friends and society a debt – that’s why they are locked up. And they have the nerve to tell us that the way they die isn’t ethical!

For those on death row, your crimes are far more cruel than the pain that the state will inflict on you. Deal with it! For those who question that philosphy, did they not know that the deeds they were doing would land them where they are today? I would think that most of them thought about it.

Prisons are not summer camp. They should be used to hand out punishments, and help those who are convicted to better themselves prior to release. If they are going to continue to burden society, then harsh punishment should be both required and expected.

The saying goes that the punishment should fit the crime, but sometimes there are crimes to which society has dictated that we will not stoop to the level of the criminal. Those people should be so fortunate.