Well Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson have come out of the woodwork, so there must be more racial tensions for them to stir up, parading as though they are trying to help defend the accused. That isn’t the true agenda, of course. It’s all about ratings for Sharpton and Jackson.

In the meantime they are turning a small town into a zoo. They also fail to recognize the true victim of this crime.

It’s obvious what started this – the nooses that were placed under a tree as a scare tactic, that this was what triggered the attack on the victim and that the prosectuter is flexing the muscle of the law – which is not unusual in any case.

Is this racial injustice? It started out that way, with the nooses. Then escalated from the hospitalization of another youth. But remember that these large show-downs can also instigate the very thing some claim to be fighting against. If people really wanted the racism to stop, they would recognize this and resolve it among the locals, not make it worse.