Is it possible that oil could hit $200 a barrel? Hugo Chavez said it is, if the U.S. attacks Venezuela or Iran.

1st - I know Bush has a big mouth, himself, but when has the U.S. government talked about going to war with Venezuela? If Bush had a third term, who knows who we would go to war with, but obviously it won’t happen. If anything our next president is more likely to engage in talks with Iran. Talks with Venezuela’s Chavez – doubtful.

2nd – Why hasn’t our government done something to promote less reliance on the likes of such an arrogant dictator, who is no better than Russia. Given enough time, he will demonstrate his power over his oil supplies, just as Putin did with the natural gas supplies. These men like their power, and power corrupts.

This is where idiots  like Chavez know where to hit us. The problem is, we continue to put up with it, and we continue to buy from Hugo. Doesn’t that make us the idiots? We are, afterall, letting this wannabe threaten us.

It is because of threats like this that we NEED to become energy independant. Chavez is of the paranoid personality that will turn the oil revenue (that we pay him) to use it against us.

This problem isn’t going to go away. Keep in mind when you buy a new car, home or appliance. Consider conservation, or fuels supplied at home.