Is the death penalty inhumane? Well, most likely. Is the reason that a criminal is getting the death penalty due to an inhumane act that they perpetrated on another human being?

Is the death penalty cruel and unusual punishment? Why would it be? Really, why shouldn’t it be? What makes it different from justice? Justice dictates that the punishment must fit the crime, in accordance with the will of society. If the community feels that capital punishment is warranted in certain circumstances, then it is the will of the people to make the law.

Now I realize that we wait such a long time for the appeals process before we execute them in order to prove innocence, but if we know that someone is straight-out guilty, why provide that service at the expense of tax payers? We pay for some of these people to live, when they have deprived someone else of life!

It’s time for someone to introduce a plan to execute those who are proven to be guilty, withou a doubt. At least the condemned get better treatment than the victims. Perhaps that should be reconsidered as well.