I have to admit, Sophos is really hard on Apple for not releasing regular security updates, and not allowing anti-malware programs to run on their devices, even though it seems to be pretty easy to jailbreak them (getting around security is fairly easy with Google at your fingers tips – even a caveman could do it).

But the same thing happened to another company back in the late 90s. Something about the need to fix flaws faster in some program… was it maybe Windows? Yes, Microsoft was a little late to the game, too, and now we see updates just about every week – since Windows XP.

I guess Larry the Cable Guy said it best: 'It's like checking on your burgers after they're burnt!'

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How secure are Apple's iPhone and iPad from malware, really?
In the five years since the first iPhone was released, there has never been a serious known case of iOS malware on an non-jailbroken device.

But should users really be congratulating Apple for i……

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